How It Works

  • 1
    Ship your inventory to our warehouse

    You ship inventory into our warehouse

  • 2
    Input inventory into system

    Our team receives the inventory onto our cloud-based WMS system and we performs QC checks according to your standards

  • 3
    Many cart integrations

    We directly integrate all of your shipping channels through pre-built API connections

  • 4
    Orders start flowing

    Your orders start flowing into our system and we ship them according to your preferred shipping methods

  • 5
    orders are packed

    Orders are packed with your logo on the packing slip and with any other company-branded materials you wish to send

  • 6
    We ship the most effective way

    We ship via either the most cost-effective or time-sensitive delivery methods

  • 7
    Customer receives an email

    The order status in your shopping cart is marked fulfilled and your customer receives an email with the carrier tracking number

  • 8
    Inventory is adjusted automatically

    Inventory levels are adjusted real-time to reflect QOH and stock held against orders

  • 9

    Your CX team manages returns through our Returns Module or the products can be sent directly back to your office

    5 Logistics

Shopping Cart & ERP Integrations

We connect to most customer shopping carts and ERP-systems through a direct API connection. Most of the traditional shopping carts are plug & play API connections for our platform. We have the ability to both read and write data back to the shopping cart or ERP system so that we can post vital information such as shipment tracking numbers. Most integrations with 5L are setup free of charge to our customers. We have the ability to provide direct developer support on more complex integrations directly through our WMS-vendor.

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