Warehousing & Storage

Warehousing is one of the most basic tasks that a 3PL does on behalf of its customers. The COVID-19 pandemic has forever altered the supply chain dynamics of US-based retailers. Having products on hand and well-stocked is a necessity rather than a luxury in today’s environment.

At 5 Logistics, we offer flexible storage solutions and tailor our clients’ storage footprints to their operational needs. We can flex space upwards or downwards throughout the year if your business experiences any type of yearly seasonality. Storage charges are accessed monthly, and our system auto-calculates what you are using in terms of pallet locations and bins.

Benefits of Omni-Channel Warehousing

  • Our software integrates directly with all major eCommerce platforms.
  • Improved inventory management and faster fulfillment times.
  • We offer multiple different types of warehouse storage locations – standard pallet, oversized pallet, floor space, bin locations, tray locations, and packaging locations.
  • Storage locations are rented from 5 Logistics on a monthly basis. You can flex the amount of space you need to rent throughout the year if your business experiences any type of seasonality or large buy-in requirements from suppliers.
  • We offer overflow storage space for our clients who store raw materials or other non-fulfillment items in addition to their regular stock. This keeps all of our client’s inventory under one roof and tracked by one warehouse system.
  • 5 Logistics offers in-house transportation solutions for scheduling LTL or full truckload shipments, ocean container or LCL shipments, and local delivery/pickup throughout the Denver metro area.

ecommerce Warehousing

How Inventory Tracking Works

All of our client’s inbound inventory is scanned and tracked by the 5 Logistics online Warehouse Management System (WMS). You have up-to-the-minute totals of available quantities per SKU. Our system also has the capability to quarantine any non-saleable products.

Once your goods are on the system, you are able to place outbound orders against any products including non-fulfillment items. Low quantity alerts can be set up on the system so that you can keep an eye on fast-moving products.

Our team is also able to provide any pictures of products at your request. Historical reports of inventory quantities are available to pull at any time for your accounting team when it comes to month-end reconciliations.

Specialty Retailer Solutions

Selling your products to specialty retailers can feel like a daunting task. We are here to help demystify the process. Our Account Management Team and Warehouse Team will pick the orders according to specific order routing guidelines and have them ready to go according to your given shipping window. Here are a few of the retailers and channels we have experience with:

  • Amazon - Seller Fulfilled options, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – storage and inbound expertise
  • EDI Vendors (fulfilled through SPS Commerce)
  • Promotional campaigns w/one-time websites – The View, Good Morning America, etc.
  • Retailer specific labeling capabilities
  • Kickstarter, Indiegogo & GoFundMe campaign expertise

Inventory Tracking