Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Did you run a successful product launch or crowdfunding campaign?  Congratulations!!!

Now you have thousands of orders that need to be fulfilled.


At 5 Logistics, we understand the challenging cirumstance that entrepuners find themselves in when they have a large quantity of upfront orders but are unsure of future order processing needs.  We circumvent this challenge by providing one-time project fulfillment services and leave the door open to explore future needs at a later date.  Our product launch fulfillment services typically include:


  • Container or truck unloading & inventory verification
  • Light assembly- for products that do not arrive complete and ready to ship
  • Packaging procurement
  • Order file formatting for fulfillment & shipping
  • Order fulfillment & packaging for shipping
  • Shpping label preparation & printing
  • Shipping confirmations and tracking numbers added to the order file & returned to the client


Well executed product fulfillment is key to building upon a sucessful sales campaign and anchoring a company's reputation as being truely professional.  

5 Logistics is your fulfillment partner from day one and will work to ensure that your fulfillment runs as smootly as a decade old business.